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the primo _ rig is a most versatile fpv fast action drone filming frame kit.
*catch breath here*

  • quick replace design
  • regular \ invert ready
  • functional chamfering
  • thrust \ strength balanced

specs _

layoutup to 5.5 inch \ stretch
material0\90 carbon fiber
thickness5mm arms \ 2mm plates
racewiresx4 \ up to 6s
vtx antenna mounthybrid - u.fl \ stubby \ tbs \ stndrd
fpv cam mountmicro
  • included in the rig kit

    • four arms
    • three plates
    • four studs x racewire pcbs
    • hardware kit (button hex screws + locknuts + standoffs)
    • vtx stack mount (one)
    • vtx antenna mount (one _ hybrid - u.fl \ stubby \ tbs \ stndrd)
    • fpv camera mount (pair)
    • 1.5mm hex wrench (one)
    • locknut wrench (one)
    • stickers
    • dopamine

*the best race \ filming-session frame you'll ever have... in the world... forever. build info

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