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  • most versatile \ regular_invert - what's it mean?

    you have options, options, and options! in addition to symmetry and swappable plates...

    if want your stack to be below the frame because you run heavier 6s packs and want a better center of gravity... no problemo, bro. center that gravity. you won't even need any extra hardware. It is ready to invert out of the box. looks good too.

  • build \ how do i put this together

    so you got the primo? dope. the build is advanced. are you up for it?

    you'll notice some screws are pretty tough to go on. it's tight... just like the first time you wear new boots. it's intended... this creates strength and allow the use of specialty hardware that make arm replacement as easy as 1-2-3. here is more build info and check out this frame prep video too.

  • components \ which can I use

    the options are limitless, but limited... however, the primo rig is designed for most standard fcs with gummies (30.5mm x 30.5mm mounting hole spacing), 4 in 1 escs (with gummies), xsr (and smaller) rx, tbs unify (and smaller) vtx, runcam micro (and smaller) fpv camera.

    note: due to the ever changing component landscape not all componenets are guaranteed to fit. experience is necessary. we will not help you build. it is a rite of passage. google things. a lot.

  • layout \ cf arrangement + components

    the parts are fully symmetrical; however, there is logic to the build that affects how quickly and accesible repairs can happen. click here for build info

  • stock \ out of stock

    many factors control whether items may or may not be restocked. to not miss when an item stocked we recommend following us on facebook or opting-in for . this is how we release updates on stock and sales

  • care \ item cleaning

    each item has specific care instructions. each product label (or card) indicates how it should be taken care of for longevity. note: tumble dry is a no-no

  • wear fit \ not sure about the size for me

    measurements for items are provided on their individual product pop-up, click on them to see this info. if you are still unsure, feel free to

  • shipping \ returns

    refer this page for questions concerning shipping and returns:

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